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Collaboration is one of today's biggest buzzwords—but at Sasaki, it's at the core of what we do. We see it not just as a working style, but as one of the fundamentals of innovation. We think and work beyond boundaries to make new discoveries. On our blog, we’re writing about what inspires us, and sharing insights from our work in architecture, interior design, planning, urban design, landscape architecture, graphic design, and civil engineering, as well as financial planning and software development. Visit

Sasaki library survey gauges librarian happiness

The Polk County Library in Columbus, N.C. Photo: Melinda/Creative Commons.

Library | Sasaki Ideas | July 01, 2016
Libraries are changing from dull book boxes into vibrant hubs for academic institutions. ...

Images courtesy Sasaki Associates

Cultural Facilities | Sasaki Ideas | March 08, 2016
What would it look like if achieving universal accessibility was an inspiring point of...
Exploring the changing landscape of public art

Photo courtesy Sasaki Associates

Art Galleries | Sasaki Ideas | January 04, 2016
Sasaki's Philip Barash and Nina Chase explore the changing landscape of public art in the...
Boston Living with Water selects finalists in resiliency design competition

High Street City: (Gradually) Living with Water was selected as one of six finalists.

Architects | Sasaki Ideas | March 18, 2015
The competition asks for creative approaches for planning for a not-so-distant future...

Image: Sasaki Associates

Architects | Sasaki Ideas | October 08, 2014
Too often, members of a community are put into a reactive position, asked for their input...

Image: Sasaki Associates

Architects | Sasaki Ideas | September 10, 2014
Nearly 32 million people, or 28% of the East Coast's population, live in areas lying...

Photo: courtesy Sasaki Associates

Architects | Sasaki Ideas | June 09, 2014
Higher education is rapidly evolving. As we use planning and design to help our clients...

Collaboration areas at Arnold Worldwide.

Architects | Sasaki Ideas | February 27, 2014
Open layouts are grabbing headlines as a hallmark of the new workplace—think the Google...
Architects | Sasaki Ideas | February 13, 2014
As part of its ongoing ZNE buildings research project, Sasaki Associates, in...

Methodist University's 1960s student union was originally built for a student population of 600. The school now has over 2,000 students.

Architects | Sasaki Ideas | January 31, 2014
Most colleges and universities feel pressure to offer the latest amenities in order to...
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