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Perkins+Will’s Ideas + Buildings

Perkins+Will is a firm of remarkable people who are driven by discovery – through their relationships, research, and design. In the simplest sense, our ideas are the precursors for all of our design work. Ideas + Buildings, Perkins+Will’s blog, features emerging thought leadership from across the firm, inviting an even greater global dialog around learning, wellness, workplace, sustainability, and everything in between. Visit the blog at:

Sports and Recreational Facilities | Gensler | January 26, 2017
Human performance facilities are emerging as a new way for people to attend to their...
Higher Education | Perkins+Will | January 09, 2017
These environments have less, but more efficient, personal space with more shared and...
Virtual Reality | Perkins+Will | December 08, 2016
In a world with many plays on ‘-reality’ what do they all mean and how best can they be...

Pixabay Public Domain

Hotel Facilities | Perkins+Will | December 05, 2016
The bed has been both physically and metaphorically pushed to one side in hotel design,...
Higher Education | Perkins+Will | November 09, 2016
Universities value an active and vibrant campus, and wish to create places that welcome...
Architects | Perkins+Will | September 21, 2016
While heads-down work continues, the changing nature of learning and work has resulted in...
Higher Education | Perkins+Will | August 17, 2016
The two themes that were consistently woven into different topics were institutional...
For employees, certain design strategies can lessen stress, improve health, and promote a greater sense of community connectivity, writes Perkins+Will project manager Jon Penndorf.

Image courtesy Perkins+Will

Seismic Design | Perkins+Will | July 05, 2016
For employees, certain design strategies can lessen stress, improve health, and promote a...
Buildings that invest in wellbeing see healthy returns

Nixon Peabody in Washington, D.C. All images courtesy Perkins+Will. 

Office Building Design | Perkins+Will | June 10, 2016
Healthy workers are more productive workers, but fitness can be tough when employees at...
5 steps to creating high-performance communities

Perkins+Will’s Chaudiere Island Master Plan in Ottawa. Image © Chris Foyd/Courtesy of Perkins+Will.


Urban Planning | Perkins+Will | May 16, 2016
Perkins+Will's Noah Friedman and Kristen Hall break down the essential ingredients to...
The sustainability culture shift: 8 steps for success

Toronto. Image courtesy Perkins+Will.

Sustainable Design and Construction | Perkins+Will | April 08, 2016
Perkins+Will's Jon Douglas has eight strategies that will start an organization on the...

Rendering courtesy Perkins+Will

Office Building Design | Perkins+Will | February 29, 2016
Check out this fun infographic that explains Perkins+Will's ambitions, findings, and next...
Dear Architecture: Create a level field for female designers

Illustration courtesy Perkins+Will

Architects | Perkins+Will | January 12, 2016
If architecture took one moment to be introspective, it would discover appalling...
Creating flow in a multi-level workspace

All images courtesy Perkins+Will

Office Building Design | Perkins+Will | January 06, 2016
Successful workplaces enable a clear progression of ideas and people, which can be...
5 ways architecture defines the university brand perkins+will

Image courtesy Perkins+Will

Architects | Perkins+Will | October 16, 2015
People gravitate to brands for many reasons. Campus architecture and landscape are...

Attendees at the Continuum of Learning Symposium, held at Drew Charter School. Photo courtesy Perkins + Will

Architects | Perkins+Will | September 21, 2015
Companies need entrepreneurial and creative workers that possess critical thinking skills...
Ensuring today’s medical education facilities fit tomorrow’s healthcare

The University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences building is organized around large learning communities that create spaces for socializing and collaboration. Rendering: Perkins+Will

Healthcare Facilities | Perkins+Will | June 29, 2015
Through thought-leading design, medical schools have the unique opportunity to meet the...
Tech's influence on the workplace: 4 lessons from the field

Image: Pixabay

Office Building Design | Perkins+Will | June 03, 2015
Beyond space and programmatic considerations, four tenets highlight today’s tech...
4 ways cold-climate cities can make the most of their waterfronts

Lower Yonge project in Toronto. Image: Chris Foyd courtesy Perkins+Will

Mixed-Use | Perkins+Will | May 28, 2015
Though cold-climate cities pose a unique challenge for waterfront development, with...
 Is the office lobby the workplace of the future?

The recent building repositioning of Capella Tower in the heart of downtown Minneapolis embraces new design trends and provides innovative spaces for collaboration and concentration. All images courtesy Perkins+Will

Office Building Design | Perkins+Will | May 06, 2015
Perkins+Will's Tony Layne discusses three key trends driving the shift to workplaces that...
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