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The museum of tomorrow: 8 things to know about cultural institutions in today’s society

Digital Revolution at Barbican. Photo: Gensler

Building Team | GenslerOn | May 13, 2015
Entertainment-based experiences, personal journeys, and community engagement are among...
Parks in the sky? Subterranean bike paths? Meet the livable city, designed in 3-D

The Shanghai Tower. All images courtesy Gensler

Building Team | GenslerOn | May 06, 2015
Today’s great cities must be resilient—and open—to many things, including the influx of...
Software shouldn't dictate process

"It’s time for a project management solution as unique as your project," writes Gensler's Mark Thole. Illustration: Christine Maurer, courtesy Gensler

BIM and Information Technology | GenslerOn | April 21, 2015
With over 200 solutions on the market, construction software is one of the most complex...
Out of the Shadows: Designing for Behavioral Health

The Alzheimer's Association Memory Cafe. Image: Shau Lin Hon

Healthcare Facilities | GenslerOn | April 08, 2015
Gensler's Jamie Huffcut discusses mental health in the U.S. and how design can affect...
Q+A with Arthur Gensler, and advice from his new book

Image © Gensler

Architects | GenslerOn | March 30, 2015
"Designers need to be trained to solve their clients’ problems through design while...
Academic incubators: Garage innovation meets higher education

Houston’s TMCx links students and researchers at The Texas Medical Center campus to bio-tech start-ups and their investors. Image © Gensler

University Buildings | GenslerOn | March 18, 2015
Gensler's Jill Goebel and Christine Durman discuss the role of design in academic...
Chance encounters in workplace design: The winning ticket to the innovation lottery?

Illustration: © Macaulay Campbell

Architects | GenslerOn | March 07, 2015
The logic behind the push to cultivate chance encounters supposes that innovation is akin...
Integrated Learning Neighborhoods: A solution for linking student housing with the typical student experience

The new College Avenue Commons at Arizona State University. Image © Bill Timmerman

Architects | GenslerOn | February 03, 2015
Just as urban housing fits into the city as a whole, student housing can be integrated...

Image credit: Gensler

Office Building Design | GenslerOn | January 08, 2015
During the past five years, people have begun to actively seek out third places not just...
Gensler's San Francisco office. Image © Gensler

Gensler's San Francisco office. Image © Gensler

Architects | GenslerOn | December 28, 2014
Numerous studies and mountains of evidence confirm what common sense has long suggested:...

Almost 90% of all retail sales are transacted in stores, and 95% of all retail sales are captured by retailers with a brick-and-mortar presence. Photo: Gensler

Architects | GenslerOn | December 08, 2014
According to a shopping preferences study conducted by A.T. Kearney, as many as two-...

Illustration: Douglas Wittnebel

Architects | GenslerOn | November 26, 2014
Most people affiliate the maker culture with metal working, welding, ceramics, glass...

Image Gensler

Office Building Design | GenslerOn | October 24, 2014
 As work and the other aspects of our lives blend, lifestyle becomes the primary lens...

Image: courtesy Gensler

Architects | GenslerOn | October 01, 2014
As a designer of mission critical facilities, I’ve learned that it’s really difficult to...

The University of Kansas School of Business. Image Gensler

Architects | GenslerOn | September 17, 2014
It seems that the most recent buildings to pop up on college campuses are trying to do...

Good branding brings the built environment to life. Images: Gensler

Architects | GenslerOn | August 13, 2014
When most colleges and universities consider their brands, they rarely venture beyond the...

TechHub, a rapidly expanding London co-working space geared towards tech start-ups, approached Genslers design team with an exciting challenge: They needed their new offices to be operational in just 90 days. Genslers design team responded with a solution that combines pop-up thinking with raw urban character to yield an energetic yet functional montage of exposed concrete, plywood and glass. Image Rueben Derrick, Gensler

Architects | GenslerOn | July 17, 2014
“Pop-up” has rapidly become one of the most pervasive design trends in recent years. It...
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