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Concept Sketch, Syracuse University, S. I. Newhouse School of Public Communications Renovation. All images courtesy Gensler

Architects | GenslerOn | March 29, 2016
Hand-drawn concepts allow ideas to emerge and build stronger connections between the...
How museums engage visitors in a digital age

Museums such as the Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum are exploring new ways to engage with audiences by investing in technologies to make the experience more interactive. Photo courtesy Gensler

Cultural Facilities | GenslerOn | March 03, 2016
Digital technologies are opening up new dimensions of the museum experience and turning...

Image © Jordan Berta.

Urban Planning | GenslerOn | January 19, 2016
While cities are creating new jobs and attracting new residents, there are warning signs...
Spec for Tech: Designing for the Creative Class

Uptown Station in Oakland provides amenities in a common paseo at the ground floor, where all tenants and the public can pass through, creating a vibrant and active place. Rendering: Steelblue


Office Building Design | GenslerOn | January 11, 2016
The new work environment, settings which blur the line between work and life, is inspired...
Image: © Wendy Andrew-Doele

Image: © Wendy Andrew-Doele

Office Building Design | GenslerOn | December 23, 2015
Gensler's Johnathan Sandler discusses efficient alternatives to dull, wasteful workplace...

Images courtesy Gensler

Architects | GenslerOn | December 17, 2015
While utilization is an important metric to inform how frequently a space is used, it’s...
How virtual and augmented reality can shape architecture and design

Virtual reality—devices that block out the external world and present the user with a wholly fabricated visual experience—can be useful to architects and designers. Photo: Nan Palmero/Creative Commons

BIM and Information Technology | GenslerOn | November 03, 2015
Gensler's Alan Robles examines a few ways VR and AR could create value for architecture...
#Thank you for sharing: How social media is reshaping the workplace

Why work on a desktop PC when you can work on a mobile device? Image © Gensler

Office Building Design | GenslerOn | October 16, 2015
The rapid growth of mobile technologies threatens to push the desktop PC into extinction...
6 lessons in campus planning

Photo:  David Nicholas/Creative Commons (via GenslerOn)

Architects | GenslerOn | September 21, 2015
For campus planning, focus typically falls on repairing the bricks and mortar without...

Image: Ryan Gobuty, courtesy GenslerOn

Healthcare Facilities | GenslerOn | August 18, 2015
Flip the Clinic is a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation project invented to transform the...
Maker spaces: Designing places to test, break, and rebuild

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Nebraska Innovation Studio, Phase 1 completion August 2015. Rendering: Gensler

BIM and Information Technology | GenslerOn | July 21, 2015
Gensler's Kenneth Fisher and Keller Roughton highlight recent maker space projects at MIT...
New Museum debuts first museum-led incubator space

NEW INC, the New Museum's incubator. Image © New Museum

Cultural Facilities | GenslerOn | June 28, 2015
Part studio, part shared workplace, part lab, and part professional development program,...
5 trends that will shape the future of scientific labs

 Image © Gensler

Architects | GenslerOn | June 24, 2015
Scientific research is increasingly focusing on data collection and analytical analysis...
More accurate GPS ready to change the way we shop, interact, and explore

More accurate GPS will foster previously unimaginable connections between mobile device users. Image: Irwin MIller

BIM and Information Technology | GenslerOn | June 03, 2015
New technology reduces location errors from the size of a car to the size of a nickel—a...
The museum of tomorrow: 8 things to know about cultural institutions in today’s society

Digital Revolution at Barbican. Photo: Gensler

Building Team | GenslerOn | May 13, 2015
Entertainment-based experiences, personal journeys, and community engagement are among...
Parks in the sky? Subterranean bike paths? Meet the livable city, designed in 3-D

The Shanghai Tower. All images courtesy Gensler

Building Team | GenslerOn | May 06, 2015
Today’s great cities must be resilient—and open—to many things, including the influx of...
Software shouldn't dictate process

"It’s time for a project management solution as unique as your project," writes Gensler's Mark Thole. Illustration: Christine Maurer, courtesy Gensler

BIM and Information Technology | GenslerOn | April 21, 2015
With over 200 solutions on the market, construction software is one of the most complex...
Out of the Shadows: Designing for Behavioral Health

The Alzheimer's Association Memory Cafe. Image: Shau Lin Hon

Healthcare Facilities | GenslerOn | April 08, 2015
Gensler's Jamie Huffcut discusses mental health in the U.S. and how design can affect...
Q+A with Arthur Gensler, and advice from his new book

Image © Gensler

Architects | GenslerOn | March 30, 2015
"Designers need to be trained to solve their clients’ problems through design while...
Academic incubators: Garage innovation meets higher education

Houston’s TMCx links students and researchers at The Texas Medical Center campus to bio-tech start-ups and their investors. Image © Gensler

University Buildings | GenslerOn | March 18, 2015
Gensler's Jill Goebel and Christine Durman discuss the role of design in academic...
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