NZEB Classification Flow Chart

NZEB Classification Flow Chart

Does the building have an annual net-zero balance for any of the NZEB definitions (Site, Source, Cost, Emissions)?

Does the building have fossil-fuel-powered generation equipment, and is any of this energy exported to the grid as part of the NZEB energy balance?

If the RECs (renewable energy credits) required for NZEB are sold as part of the renewable energy system, are those credits purchased back?

Is renewable energy collected within the building footprint or on site to the maximum extent feasible?

Is any of the renewable energy required for NZEB status purchased from off-site sources?

Is nonrenewable energy imported to the building in any form (including from the grid)?

Is capital equipment located on site to convert all renewable energy to a useful form for the building (e.g., wood chip burner)?

Is all the renewable energy collected within the building footprint (e.g., building integrted PV)?

ZEB:A Plus





Not an NZEB

Source: “Net-Zero Energy Buildings: A Classification System Based on Renewable Energy Supply Options” (June 2010). NREL Report No. TP-550-44586.


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