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101 Top Products: Building Systems

Among the best building systems products included in BD+C's Top 101 Products report are USAI Lighting's Beveled Block LED Unit, Enlightened's Smart Digital Sensor, and Vode Lighting's ZipThree Wall Mount 707.

March 22, 2018 |


1. Uni-Systems En-fold retractable canopy | Uni-Systems

Retractable fabric canopy allows entertainment and recreational facilities to turn decks, patios, and terraces into cool, shaded spaces or bright, sunlit areas open to the sky at the touch of a button. The En-Fold retractable canopy is a tensile structure that can withstand thunderstorm winds while in use. The system’s modular construction allows for multiple fabric and size options, starting at 1,000 sf of coverage. The canopy (expected lifespan: 25 years) is controlled with cabinet-mounted and hand-held operator controls.


2. Mcluminary Cable System | AFC Cable Systems

The MC Luminary MultiZone Cable is the first product specifically designed to meet California Title 24 requirements for dimming capabilities, automatic controls in daylight harvesting areas, and automatic lighting-power reduction during demand-response events. The cable combines line-voltage electric lighting and low-voltage control circuits within a single, interlocked armor for control of up to three dimming zones.


3. Finelight LED lighting control system | Finelite

Finelite’s Tunable White Luminaires and FineTune Controls system allows users to customize the color temperature and intensity levels for any environment—using a smartphone or traditional wall-mounted controls. An office may use the system to modify lighting to simulate daylight in an effort to increase alertness and foster productivity. An education facility may configure the Finelite system for calm/alert enhancement during lectures. There are industry-specific benefits for retail, hospitality, and healthcare facilities as well. The system offers 11 LED luminaire options, including pendant, recessed, and wall slot.


4. lg’s ‘multi v s’ 5-ton VrF HEAT RECOVERY system | LG

LG has introduced the first single-phase variable refrigerant flow (VRF) five-ton heat recovery system for the U.S. market. The unit can be used for residential or light commercial installations. Multi V S units require little to no ductwork, which allows for smaller space requirements and higher ceilings, less structural impact, and more usable square footage. The five-ton model has a slim, compact footprint at a height of less than five feet.


5. Beveled Block LED Unit | USAI LIghting

Designed specifically for concrete ceiling applications, such as converted warehouses and industrial buildings, the BeveLED Block LED fixture completely encloses surface-mounted junction boxes to create a modern aesthetic. The 5x5-inch fixture is capable of emitting lighting in classic white light color temperatures ranging from the warm firelight of 2200K to the cool, clean 6000K of daylight. Its allows for field configuration of the side conduit cutout slots, for integration with multiple conduit branches. Comes in white, black, grey, bronze, and custom colors.


6. Demand Duo Commercial WATER HEATING SYSTEM | Rinnai

The Demand Duo commercial hybrid water heating system combines highly efficient heat exchanger technologies from Rinnai’s 199-Btu, Energy Star–certified C199 condensing commercial tankless water heaters, with a durable 119-gallon tank. The unit uses the building’s vertical vent penetrations, which eliminates the need to core additional holes in walls and roofs for external ventilation. The system produces more hot water in the first hour than traditional commercial systems.


7. Smart Digital Sensor | Enlighted

Editor's Pick

This smart digital sensor from Enlighted is deployed with LED lighting fixtures and combines four sensors in one. It monitors real-time occupancy, light levels, temperatures, and energy usage. The sensor can distinguish between people and objects. One sensor is used per light. Typical coverage area: 100 sf. Sensors can communicate with one another or with Enlighted’s cloud infrastructure via a secure wireless connection.


8. Kone Jumplift Construction Elevator | Kone

Editor's Pick

The JumpLift system uses a mobile machine room that moves upward as the construction progresses to speed construction of tall towers. The self-climbing elevator operates during construction in a building’s permanent hoistway and allows transportation activities to take place in a dry, windproof shaft—and up to five times faster than with traditional external hoists. Once the building is completed, JumpLift is converted to a permanent elevator by installing the final machinery and finishing the material surfaces of the elevator car, landing doors, and signalization.


9. Element Reflections LED Downlights | Tech Lighting

Editor's Pick

Recessed LED lighting collection comes in five dome choices, ranging from Dune, which creates concentric rings of reflected light reminiscent of rippling water, to Torus, which uses 3D geometry for a subtle play of light and shadow. Two ceiling appearance options: flanged, for a traditional appearance, and flangeless, for a smooth, mudded–in ceiling appearance.


10. OEO Emergency Evacuation Elevator SYSTEM | Thyssenkrupp

Editor's Pick

Occupant evacuation operation–enabled (OEO) elevators are designed to operate during emergencies and can run on backup power in the event of a power shortage. They are built with safeguards that protect against water, heat, and smoke from entering the elevator lobby or hoistway. In an emergency, the building alarm system activates OEO elevators and gives audible instruction to occupants.


11. ZipThree Wall Mount 707 | Vode Lighting

Editor's Pick

This bi-directional ceiling wash and wall grazing fixture is designed for corporate, hospitality, and civic applications. It integrates Vode’s constant-current LED technology and delivers up to 2691 lumens/foot and 137 lumens/watt at 84 CRI. Available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K color temperatures, ZipThree can be specified in uplight only, downlight only, or both uplight and downlight.



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